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USAISR Burn Center Conducting Clinical Trials on New Skin Growth Procedure

CONTACT: Steven Galvan
Public Affairs Officer - U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research
Office: (210) 539-5470 Cell: (210) 739-4416


Fort Sam Houston, Texas - Researchers from the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research (ISR) Burn Center and the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine (AFIRM) began clinical trials using ReCell® to treat burn patient wounds. ReCell® is manufactured by Avita Medical Americas and harnesses the body's natural ability to heal itself and is sprayed on a burn wound to generate functional skin.

"We are both excited and hopeful about these clinical trials," said ISR Burn Center Director, Col. (Dr.). Evan Renz. "Revolutionary technologies like this may well change the traditional way we treat burn patients."

ReCell® works by taking a small biopsy from a patient's skin and incubating it in a cocktail of enzymes for about 20 minutes. The incubated skin is then harvested to extract a substance that contains keratinocytes-the body's natural regenerative cells that promote healing. After that, the keratinocytes are suspended in a solution that is sprayed on a wound, where it multiplies and creates new skin tissue.

"We use a kit specifically designed for this process in the operating room," said Registered Nurse Bryan S. Jordan, a senior research nurse at the ISR. "From start to finish, the entire procedure takes about 40 minutes,"

This procedure requires only a fraction of the time that it takes for the traditional methods of skin grafts and cultured epithelial autographs. "Using traditional skin grafting techniques, we must remove a much larger amount of skin from the patient to cover a wound," said Renz. "We are hopeful that ReCell® technology will improve outcomes for our patients and improve the long-term quality of life for our wounded warriors."

The ISR is committed to optimizing combat casualty care by providing requirement-driven combat casualty care medical solutions and products for injured soldiers from self-aid through definitive care across the full range of military operations.

Last Modified Date: 17 Aug 2022