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AFIRM: Research Programs: Extremity Injury Research Leaders

Extremity Injury Research Leaders

Lead PI Affiliation Project Title
Badylak, Stephen University of Pittsburgh In Situ Influence of Cell Fate for Functional Soft Tissue Reconstruction
Dunn, Michael New Jersey, University of Medicine and Dentistry of, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Development of a Novel Medical Device to Restore Knee Function & Prevent Osteoarthritis
Garza, Luis Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Enhancing Prosthetic Use Via Application Of Autologous Palmo/Planta Fibroblasts to Convert The Stump Site to Ectopic Palmo/Plantar Skin
Gregory, Kenton Oregon Health & Science University Clinical Treatment of Severe Extremity Injury Complicated by Compartment Syndrome with Autologous Bone Marrow Mononuclear Cells
Guldberg, Robert Georgia Institute of Technology Spatiotemporal Regenerative Strategies to Restore Function to Severely Injured Extremities
Khan, Yusuf University of Connecticut, Storrs Functionalized Allograft for Large Scale Bone Defect Healing
Kohn, Joachim Rutgers, State University of New Jersey Enhancement of Bone Regeneration through Cell-Based Strategies
Lee, Sang Jin Wake Forest School of Medicine Engineered Small Diameter Blood Vessels for Limb Reconstruction
Marra, Kacey University of Pittsburgh Biodegradable Conduits for Large Extremity Nerve Injuries
Murphy, Sean Wake Forest University Health Sciences Skeletal Muscle Preservation in an Ischemic Injury Using Particulate Oxygen-Generating Materials
Shores, Jamie Johns Hopkins University Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of Immediately Available Bioengineered Vascular Grafts for Extremity Arterial and Venous Reconstruction in High and Low Flow States in Humans
Soker, Shay Wake Forest University Health Sciences Development of Biological Approaches to Improve Functional Recovery after Compartment Syndrome Injury
Tuan, Rocky University of Pittsburgh Regenerative Repair of Traumatic Articular Cartilage Injuries: Point-of-Care Application of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Chondrocytes
Windebank, Anthony Mayo Clinic and Foundation, Rochester Tissue Engineering for Repair of Critical Nerve Gaps
Last Modified Date: 09 Sep 2016