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AFIRM: Research Areas: Scarless Wound Healing Research Leaders

Scarless Wound Healing Research Leaders

Wake Forest-Pittsburgh Consortium
Project Title Investigator Affiliation
Scarless Wound Healing: Mechanical Manipulation of the Wound Environment to Reduce Manifestation of Scar Mike Longaker Project Leader Stanford University
Scarless Wound Healing: Regenerative Biomimetic Dressings for Primary Intervention in the Field Mike Longaker Stanford University
Scarless Wound Healing: Multi-functional Bioscaffolds for Promoting Scarless Wound Healing Newell Washburn Carnegie Mellon University
Scarless Wound Healing: Regulation of Inflammation, Fibroblast Recruitment and Activity for Regenerative Healing Pat Hebda University of Pittsburgh
Scarless Wound Healing: Scarless Wound Healing through Nanoparticle-mediated Molecular Therapies Sandeep Kathju Allegheny-Singer Research Institute
Scarless Wound Healing: Peptide-mediated Delivery of Therapeutic Compounds into Injured Tissues During Secondary Intervention Errki Ruoslahti UC - Santa Barbara
Scarless Wound Healing: Scar Mitigation via Matrix Metalloproteinase-1 Tertiary Therapy Alan Russell University of Pittsburgh
Rutgers-Cleveland Clinic Consortium
Project Title Investigator Affiliation
Therapies for Burns, Inflammation, Infection & Scar Healing Richard Clark Project Leader
Lauren Macri
Carmine Iovine
Joachim Kohn
Thomas Mustoe
Stony Brook University
Rutgers University
Northwestern University
Scarless Healing: Adipose Derived Therapies Adam Katz
University of Florida
Burn Repair with Autologous Skin Substitute Steven Boyce University of Cincinnati

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Investigator Affiliation  
David G. Baer USAISR  
Robert Christy USAISR  
Shanmugasundaram Natesan USAISR  
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